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NSSGA Podcast

Jul 6, 2023

Welcome to another episode of Safety Shorts, in which Libby is joined by Dr. Lynne Morrison, a renowned medical dermatologist with over 30 years of experience. Today’s focus is on the importance of skincare, particularly in preventing skin cancer as Dr. Morrison shares valuable insights into recognizing it early, as well as the risks associated with sun exposure. She also highlights the significance of practicing sun protection, sharing the story of a remarkable patient who exemplifies the effectiveness of best practices in this area. For everyone who works outdoors, and, really for anyone who wants to maintain healthy skin, today’s episode provides essential information and practical tips you simply can’t afford to miss.


Episode Highlights:

  • Dr. Morrison emphasizes the need for regular skin examinations and awareness of changing moles or new spots that persist

  • The case study of a patient with an inherited disease underscores the power of sun protection in preventing skin cancer

  • Practical tips are provided for reducing sun exposure, such as avoiding midday sun and utilizing sunscreen and protective clothing

  • The episode addresses the challenges faced by workers who are exposed to the sun during peak hours and the importance of implementing proper sun protection measures

  • Dr. Morrison's expertise and personal experiences shed light on the significance of skincare and the positive impact of practicing sun protection

Toolbox Talk Discussion Questions:


  • In this episode, Dr. Morrison talks about the importance of catching skin cancers early. How can we relate catching health risks early to the rest of our safety practices?

  • We can’t always avoid midday sun, but how can we add sunscreen and sun protective clothing into our regular routines?

  • Does anyone have an experience with skin cancers that they’d like to share?


"Skin cancers usually occur in middle-aged to older individuals on sun-exposed areas of their skin."

"Catching melanoma early is really important. If it's diagnosed and treated when it's early, it is entirely curable."

"The main thing we can do to prevent skin cancer is to reduce the amount of sun we get."

"Sun protection actually works. She is an amazing example of living with a challenging disease and she does show us that sun protection actually works."

"Practicing good skin protection, including wearing sunscreen and the right PPE, will really help, especially for workers exposed to the sun during peak hours."


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