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NSSGA Podcast

Jan 6, 2022

Libby is joined today by Chris May, Vice President of Safety and Environmental Operations at CRH in Atlanta, Georgia. Chris shares a powerful story with listeners today about taking action and doing the right thing, even when it's not easy – a story from which we can all learn a valuable lesson.


Episode Highlights


  •   Chris’ story begins when she was fairly new to her job and noticed a 30 year veteran roller operator not wearing a seatbelt while working
  •   While she initially passed by without comment, she decided to listen to the voice in her head and go back to speak to him about the need to wear a seatbelt, eventually convincing him to do so
  •   Two months later she received a phone call telling her that this employee had been in a serious rollover, that his seat belt had saved his life, and that he wanted to thank her for what she did
  •   The impact of safety training, reminders, and innovations
  •   The importance of taking action even when it’s not easy


Toolbox Talk Discussion Questions

  • It's not always easy to ask someone to do stop what they're doing. What do you think is the hardest part about confronting someone about safety?
  • How is our company culture around encouraging people to confront potential safety hazards?
  • Does anyone have a story about "See Something, Say Something" they’d like to share?



He's been doing this for 30 years, and he has to know all the risks involved. And who am I to question that? So the easiest thing for me to do was just keep walking. But then, as it probably happens to many of you, I had that little voice inside me that told me to turn around.”


“The roller had traveled out in an embankment, completely flipping three times and eventually landing upside down.”


“Please call that little lady and tell her that I said ‘Thank you. That seatbelt saved my life.’”


“You never know when an accident can happen, and even doing the mundane tasks that you've done for 30 years, you always need to take your safety precautions seriously.”


“The trainings that we conduct, the gentle reminders that we provide to our employees, the safety innovations that we put in place, all of these things are working to ensure that we provide a safe workplace for our employees.”


“Things changed for me that day, I realized that, you know, I have an obligation to act - it’s not just a choice. And so I realized I couldn't take the path of least resistance, that I had to do what was right.”


“I think about what the consequences would have been if I hadn't taken action.”


“I hope that this will inspire you to do something and to take action, even when it's not easy.”




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